Struggling to get deliverable emails of C-Suites in your industry?

We’ve fixed this for you with our proprietary platform. Get any validated emails of people at the click of a button. From a domain, company name or your neighbourhood. No more wasted hours from drafting emails only to receive a failed delivery notice afterwards.

Your time is worth more than spending than the 3 hours daily figuring out the emails of your business prospects. We got this figured out for you!

Now, imagine you can get the correct emails of any professionals in the world. How much faster can your sales outreach efforts be?

B2B Latent App is good for:



Validate Your Email

How it works

  • Provide your target's name, domain. Else provide a physical address or a company name for us to suggest a list.
  • Get 99.9% deliverable email addresses that can be both public and non-public and start your direct outreach


Save time writing emails that fail to deliver

Our users get validated emails of professionals instantly, better than using public lists or sending expensive LinkedIn InMails.

They make tens of thousands each year by engaging the right stakeholders who have a good use for their project. They save hours every day from not needing to search the address of prospects and sending emails that do not deliver. They save both money and time.

Pay according to the volume of email addresses you need in a month

Scales up and down with your sales pipe flow. If you can push deals fast and want more top of the funnel leads, we can scale up with you!

Take a direct approach to reach out to your prospects

The return on investment on emails is highest amongst the many ads spend out there – be it paid display ads, search ads or social media ads. Also, the email hunting can be targeted to the person, company, industry vertical or location of the companies!

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