Ever wonder how you can poach the unhappy users of your competitors at scale to try your product?

We have. We fixed this for you with our social listening and natural language response generator tool. Send customized conversion message to each social media user. Never miss a lead on the internet again.

You need to focus your time on your core business, not constantly checking about the opportunities out there in the social media space because it can be a time sink for you. Let us handle that with our powerful web crawlers and natural language algorithms!

Now you can get the commercially most important complaints, compliments and product inquiry on you, your competitors and market push to you daily via email. You just need to copy and paste the suggested message to convert them.

B2C Latent App is good for:




Product People

How it works

  • Set up campaigns - customer service, lead generation or market research and provide the brands you want to monitor
  • Receive daily actionable on the app and in your email inbox
  • Use your discretionary to rewrite the suggested response in your language style and post into the social media channel
  • Watch the conversion and profit!

Get a daily pipeline of consumer leads sent to your email inbox

Our users get access to commercial valuable leads on the internet for repeated and new purchases. This has an immediate improvement in their sales revenue. Also, they can do damage control on users posting damaing comments on their brands and prevent further loss of users.

Without B2C Latent App, users are unable to monitor and track the web at scale and bucket comments into respective categories for follow up action.

Go beyond social listening and into user engagement

You have little time and you want the maximum output. We get it. You need actionables from social listening that is aligned to your company’s mission. We get it. So, we spin it off as a consumer lead generation service. Turn the most important user crawls and comments into a conversion opportunity!

Take an active, not a reactive stance to reach out to your users

Hunt them down and send customized messages to them when it is still early. Find qualified users in the right context as they are talking about your brands or your competitor’s brand for better effectiveness.

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