Hate to be the one doing meeting minutes?

Hate no more. Now just record it and run the transcription work through Sift after. State of the art algorithms. Get the results labelled to the respective speakers. Save an hour of your time each time. That’s on us.

Your didn’t become a professional just to take minutes for a meeting. Let’s us handle that. Go hands free and participate in it!

Sift by Latent App is good for:

Professional Service People

Field Researchers


How it works

  • Record audio clips from your meeting, snap pictucres of conference slides and documents on the go using your smart phone
  • Upload your files onto the app to be process on the cloud
  • For text summary, copy and paste the long chuck of text into the app
  • Receive processed results instantly and a copy of the results emailed to you
  • Use the results and refer back to it in the future from your email inbox!


Lose no more information from your meetings and field research

Our users save hours having to transcribe data after meetings and can push through their projects and research much faster. Going forward, they can easily search through the archived results and get all their paste spoken meeting information in a few key strokes.

Get access to the best transcription libraries out there which is constantly being improved

You have little time to find the transcription service that best works for you. We got it covered. We constantly ensure that our accuracy is best in class. For example – for audio transcription, the transcription can sort the results into speaker 1 and speaker 2 and has multiple English libraries for localized regions i.e. SG vs US for the best match.

We respect your data privacy

All your data will not be stored in our servers because we know that users use it for work relatated uses. It goes straight into the transcription algorithms and gets deleted immedaitely after.

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