Why Latent

We have created for you a smarter due diligence process by connecting you with online and offline data.

Our SaaS allows you to access untapped, valuable big data anywhere in the world. 


Times have changed. Old school methods of due diligence looked like this in the past: Site visits, Frontline staffing, Checking the news, Word of mouth, Focus groups, Hiring analysts and Hiring private investigators. Latent presents new, innovative methods based on data analytics and online surveillance to create a smarter due diligence process. 


Our social listening tool uses codes to iterate and filter through the internet for user comments. Using machine learning and algorithms to analyse sentiments and provide 24/7 objective tracking, we have built what a smart search engine for user comments should be for you. User comments are infinitely more valuable than PR / Corp Comm released pieces. Hear and interact with the real users, the real stakeholders. 

Our Instagram-On-Demand tool allows businesses and the public to retrieve fringe data easily without restriction. Our algorithm matches your data needs to locals on the group to snap pictures/videos anonymously. We use artificial intelligence to interpret pictures and videos to discover commercially useful information. Increase your business intelligence collection exponentially at a low cost.



Convenience, speed and scale on one platform.

With one platform to answer both your online and offline data needs, we are attempting to be the super app of data.

Built to help you increase customer engagement
Our all-in-one insights platform puts your customer at the heart of your marketing efforts.
The one stop shop for your customer data collection effort
Bring all your data collection channels into a single platform, from online to offline, so you can save time and achieve your goals faster. You can collect your customer intelligence from online channels: where users post comments and offline channels: on-the-ground real-time pictures & video snaps of your users & their activities.
Centre your users in your marketing lens
Our social listening tools help you collect insights on your audience and turn these insights into actions. We track the topics mentioned, the sentiment of conversations, how they differ over time and between groups. With a comprehensive real-time view, you are able to see what the like & dislike and put out messages that convert.
Get exclusive access to offline information on your users
We give you a platform to easily picture & video how your users behave in real life and in real time. Get these localised, on the ground information faster before your competitors can ever get. With our platform, you only need to specific the insights you need from the ground and our matching service will link you up with another user who can get you the data.
Evaluate yourself against your competitors
An integrated dashboard for you to visualise your company’s sentiment against a basket of competitors. See which company is performing better in your page in 1 glance and attribute this to what users think. Get personalized, data-driven insights for your company.

Built for transformative growing businesses.

We understand and like to support small-to-medium size businesses. We understand that you need to stay ahead and leverage technological advantages using the most cost-efficient resources possible. We are here to support your journey for user engagement.

Receive help when you need it.

Have direct access to business and technical assistance at any time.

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