Lead acquisition work that takes hours daily only takes minutes with Latent

Sales and Productivity CRM to move deals faster for progressive small-to-medium businesses around the world.

What makes Latent the #1 B2B Email Generator

B2B Latent App – the flagship product – how to get email leads

  • Continuously feed in new prospects into your sales pipeline
  • Connect with anyone on the internet without paywall limitations
  • Find the email address of professionals from specified geolocation from specified industries
  • All email addresses generated are first verified for deliverability with no downtime for your sales efforts
  • Receive help from our customer support team

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We are the innovative company behind the #1 B2B email generation platform that your employees can readily use over the internet. Our Latent platform gives you the fastest, most ingenious way to acquire users and to push deals through faster.

B2B Sales

Find and win business leads from your neighborhood
B2B Latent App

  • Find email addresses of any professional
  • Verify emails for deliverability before sending
  • Obtain non-public email addresses

B2C Sales

Hunt and engage leads on social media
B2C Latent App

  • Social listening across extensive sources
  • Generate natural language responses to each user
  • Introduce qualified users to your product


Transcribe media and summarize texts
Sift by Latent App

  • Audio to text transcription
  • Image to text transcription
  • Text summarization with AI enrichment

You are with good company

How will Latent revolutionize your Sales and Marketing?
Our sales and productivity solutions will keep your sales rep focused on filling in the sales pipeline and constantly generating revenue. We automate many of the existing repetitive but inevitable work sales reps perform daily. As hackish product builders ourselves, our products are differentiated from the market offerings and are built from the ground up to be much more effective in tackling business problems.

By increasing the productivity of your sales rep with our toolkit, your leads can be converted into clients more often and more quickly.

What are the products in Latent’s software suite?
1) B2B Latent App is for email generation. This will be our flagship product from which we will integrate other solutions.
2) B2C Latent App is for social listening and natural language engagement.
3) Sift is an AI productivity app for audio/image to text transcription and text summarizer.

What is B2B Latent App?

B2B Latent App is an email finder and verifier software. We seek out the emails of target prospects for you to begin your targeting and lead nurturing efforts.

B2B Latent App is uniquely differentiated and better than the other lead generation service as
1) We have geolocation targeting for businesses and to derive emails of professionals in these companies
2) We can get non-public email addresses from our proprietary algorithms

What is B2C Latent App?

B2C Latent App is a social listening tool with natural language lead engagement feature. The app monitors the web for complaints, compliments and questions asked on products from you, your competitors and the market and generates tailored responses to each user. This is intending to generate recurring purchase from existing satisfied users and to introduce your products to unsatisfied users of your competitors and seekers in the market.

What is Sift by Latent App?

Sift By Latent App is an AI productivity tool for businesses to save time on doing transcription work. Features are to transcribe audio and image files into text, summarize long texts with AI enrichment to the data. The transcription algorithms used are state-of-the-state. For example, the audio to text transcription can sort spoken sentences into speaker 1 and speaker 2 respectively.

What are the technologies used?

Natural language processing. It is to use computers to process and analyze a large amount of natural language data. Also, latent Dirichlet allocation is to use statistical models to assign a collection of words into various topics. It is only through NLP that we can analyze documents objective as scale and to aggregate them for better understanding.

We also integrate with leading edge service providers for machine learning, cloud processing and data integration work.

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